Increasing public awareness and youth engagement

Adopted in September 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) support global progress for people, planet, and prosperity.

Each month, SDG 2030 promotes a different SDG or humanitarian cause by:

  • creating dedicated, open-source, virtual-learning material
  • inspiring and supporting the development of innovative viable projects
  • sharing video interviews with inspiring leaders
  • scaling the action on social media

SDG 2030 initiatives might include broadcasted events, project showcases or other formats… A new surprise each month!

Diversifying implementation

Today’s challenges demand cross-cutting and sustainable results.

Gender and race are linked to education and human rights, poverty and disarmament, environmental degradation and climate change…

So, SDG 2030 gathers an unexpected constellation of players focused on achieving actionable results in specific, urgent areas.

For example, our March 2021 social hackathon invited five young activists globally to tackle a contemporary challenge – and then pitch their innovation to a curated panel of established, multidisciplinary leaders.

Making connections; finding shared solutions.

Exploring new information sources

Lack of reliable data hinders reaching the 2030 SDG Agenda: If we don’t know where we are, how can we know where we’re going.

As a result, Citizen-Generated Data (CGD) is crucial. Within the context of strict data privacy, it means enabling people to provide input on the issues they care about most. It means supporting civil society to harness CGD in driving SDG progress.

Global Partnership sees an added perk: “Given the nature of citizen engagement, citizen empowerment is an important byproduct of using CGD.”

So, SDG 2030 will engage with leading-edge players aimed at bridging the data gap to SDG implementation.