Footprint to Sustainability

Pilot project for integrated,
community-based, scalable
solutions in Africa

Based in Uganda, Footprint to Sustainability is a survivor-led pilot project focused on income-generating activities to end the cycle of human trafficking while scaling climate-change sensitization and results

The Challenge

Millions in Uganda face a compounded threat:

  • climate-change drought leading to serious food insecurity
  • traditional cooking methods exacerbating deforestation and
    pollution while elevating health and safety risks
  • plastic waste threatening crops, ecosystems, lakes and rivers
  • extreme poverty creating vulnerability to human trafficking
  • women and children in heightened and increasing danger

These problems are connected.

And gaining in urgency across the continent.

Community-based Scalable Solutions

This pilot project incorporates urgent capacity building in four synergistic areas:

Sustainable Cooking

Connecting climate change, food security and nutrition

Sustainable Fashion

Generating income through capacity building in sewing

Trash to Treasure

Upcycling waste for pollution reduction and self-employment

Climate Literacy

Expanding trafficking outreach to include climate components

Co-operation Partners

Footprint to Sustainability is a project of the survivor-led Footprint to Freedom,
the International Forum for Understanding and its subsidiary


Malaika Oringo

Project Lead

Fauziah Wanjiru

Uganda Lead

Built to scale across Africa
– and beyond

After compiling lessons learned from the Uganda pilot project, Footprint to Sustainability will be scaled to other African nations. Emphasis on capacity building for survivor-led and community-based groups working on local and regional levels.

SDG 13 IN ACTION  – 2030 IS TODAY – 

SDG 13 IN ACTION  – 2030 IS TODAY –