There are many challenges in reaching the 2030 Agenda…

Public awareness and youth engagement are lacking, efforts are siloed, data is missing.

SDG 2030 offers an innovative solution.

We scale implementation through energized activities with measurable results.

Launched in March 2021 in honor of International Women’s Day, SDG 2030 will hold monthly interactive campaigns.

SDG 2030’s Calendar of Monthly Interactive Campaign Topics

International Women’s Day (8th)+SDG 5
World Health Day (7th)+SDG 3
Biological Diversity Day (22nd)+SDG 15
World Oceans Day (8th)+SDG 6
World Day against Human Trafficking (30th)+Human Trafficking
International Youth Day (12th)+Youth
International Day of Peace (21st)+SDG 16
World Food Day (16th)+SDG 2
UN COP26 (1st-12th)+SDG 13
Human Rights Day (10th)+SDG 10
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Heather Wokusch, M.A. founded SDG 2030 and serves as its Executive Director.

Heather’s international career in human resources, education, cross-culture, and media has spanned five continents and multiple fields. A firm believer in Impact Tech and the democratization of knowledge, she is an expert in virtual learning.

Heather designs training programs for corporations, educational institutions, governments and other entities while consulting on intercultural communication and organizational development (including digital transformation, leadership development, employee engagement, change management, strategy, and globalization).


SDG 2030 is proud to be affiliated with the International Forum for Understanding. Its Executive Director, Les Simm, is a highly-valued partner.

SDG 2030 looks forward to hearing from you!

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