Book Launch

We supported author Ruchira Gupta in launching

her new anti-trafficking book I Kick and I Fly

Book launch

with social impact

Launching April 18, I Kick and I Fly is the inspiring story of a fourteen-year-old girl who learns that her body isn’t an object to be preyed upon but rather a vessel to free herself. By creating a dedicated website for the book and supporting with outreach strategy, we supported author Ruchira Gupta in bringing social impact to this debut fiction novel.

We will continue this approach in May by building the corresponding Community page.

Virtual-learning modules

Having I Kick and I Fly as central resource, we got inspired to create 29 interactive quizzes in a ‘test your knowledge’ format. Each module pays attention to the main challenges Heera confronts on her path to personal autonomy, as well as to various other details that engage a more careful type of reading.

What does Heera think would have saved her sister’s life? Kung fu is a form of ….. (fill in the missing word). Taylor’s favourite food is samosa (true or false?) are some of the questions you will explore to build your understanding of the book. Each module consists of 10 questions.

This virtual learning path was created by Mădălina Boț. For inquiries, please contact her here.