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SDG 8 – Workplace Resilience

September 2021

For Labor Day, explores the intersection of SDGs 3 and 8: mental health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace.


Rates of burnout have dramatically risen during the pandemic. Billions across the world have been struggling with work-life balance, while depression and anxiety have become normalized.

95% of HR leaders say that employee burnout is sabotaging workforce retention. Widespread cost-cutting measures, related layoffs, hiring freezes and reduced budgets for staff support services complicate matters.

In partnership with MESPERO: Impact for Resilience, we have developed a highly-effective approach striking at the root of burnout. This tailored solution prevents and mitigates burnout on individual and organizational levels.


Our Executive Director, Heather Wokusch, spoke at the 4th Forum of Social Innovations this month. Download her panel presentation on: ‘Promoting a Culture of Resilience to Enhance Employee Wellbeing, Productivity and Retention.’

The 4th Forum of Social
Innovations of the Regions in
Discussing workplace resilience
in light of the pandemic
Our interactive ‘Burnout Management’ workshop


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