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SDG 2030 Advocacy for SDG 3:

Goal: To make the case for mental health investment during the April 2021 World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings

The IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings took place from April 5-11, 2021. We advocated for mental health before and during this event, and here are sample activities:

Reached out to lawmakers

Only 2% of government health budgets globally are allocated to mental health; only 1% of international aid for health is spent on mental health. We contacted relevant lawmakers in various countries asking them to prioritize mental health on budgetary and policy bases.

Participated in Spring Meetings

We joined virtual IMF and World Bank meetings and advocated for increasing mental health investment through the Global Financing Facility, with a priority on child and caregiver mental health.

Engaged on social media
We created a variety of informative digital interactions with the aim of inspiring civic awareness and engagement.

Project Lead:

Heather Wokusch

Executive Director

Adina Hibbert

Security Studies MA student and writer with passion for human rights, mental health advocacy and tackling trauma.

Micayla Costa

InterNations Vienna ChangeMakers Consul

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