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WYSD 23 Presenters

Meet the presenters of the World Youth Skills Day Event held at
the United Nations in Vienna in July 2023 and live-streamed globally

From 2023 to 2030: Building Collaboration
‘Skilling teachers, trainers and youth for a transformative future’

Ethan Hill

Philanthropist, Influencer, Public Speaker

Geraldina Guerra

Civil Society Expert

Luca Kielhauser

Journalist and Moderator

Karin Dobler-Kreibich

Director of BRG 19
SDG Ambassador School

Weirong Li

Founder and CEO
Raw Culture

David Onilude

Founder Tech Now Global

Dr. Suad Mohamed

Social Medical Consultant

Katharina Stourzh

Head of Parliamentary Cooperation
Austrian Parliament

Ian Tennant

Chair of the Alliance

Education and Youth Engagement as Key to Making Societies Resilient to Crime

Rania Ali

Multimedia and Advocacy

Ruchira Gupta

Author, Artist, Activist

Davida Padi

Social Media and Social Impact Strategist

Kirsty Rancier

UNODC Youth Focal Point

Zoi Sakelliadou

UNODC Crime Prevention
and Criminal Justice Officer

Ishaan Shah

Founder of
Stolen Dreams

Tarek Ziarkash

Director for Academic Activities
(ELSA) Vienna

Laurent Ziegler

Artist and Author

Bridging Climate Divides

Nour Barakeh

Wilson Center Agents of Change Youth Fellow in the Middle East

Nyombi Morris

Ugandan Environmental Activist

Malaika Oringo

Founder and CEO
Footprint to Freedom

Michael Spiekermann

Fridays For Future Austria activist

Mădălina Boț

WYSD 23 Co-Lead Organizer

Markus Wane

Alumnus of the Austrian Service Abroad & Rotary Youth Exchange

Heather Wokusch

WYSD 23 Co-Lead Organizer

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